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Spring 2016 Parking Forum

The Parking Commission is hosting the spring parking forum on Monday, February 29, in the Malott Room at the Kansas Union. You can choose one of these two times:

  • Noon - 1 p.m. (bring your lunch!)
  • 3:30-4:30 p.m.

The following proposals have been approved by the Parking Commission. The forum and survey are your opportunity to provide feedback for additional consideration before the recommendations are forwarded to the Provost for final approval.

Proposed Changes

As the 2+ years of construction in the central district gets underway, there will be significant impacts on parking, especially in student zones. These proposed changes will help manage demand for existing parking spaces.

Park & Ride

Change lot 301 back to a less expensive “Park & Ride” zone, and require freshmen living off campus to park in lot 301, instead of yellow. (Price TBD)

Limit Yellow Parking

Require students to choose which parking lot(s) they would like to park in, and limit the number of parking permits sold for each area. Oversell would begin at a low percentage (such as 20%), and then increased according to usage data. Students who do not get into their preferred parking lot(s) would be on a waiting list for upgrades.

  • Stadium East (53, 92, 94)
  • Stadium  West (55, 56, 57, 58, 59)
  • Rec Center (90, 117)
  • Fieldhouse (71, 72, 125, 127)
  • West District (all yellow lots on west campus)

Limit Housing Parking

Limit permit sales by lottery in all housing zones, not just Daisy Hill. Students who are not selected will be assigned to their choice of yellow parking lots or Park & Ride.

With the massive construction projects in the Central District, parking will become scarcer in the areas used for Oliver/McCarthy (OL) and Jayhawker Towers (JT). JT will lose 116 spaces (19, 123), and the number of spaces to be displaced in OL (112) is not yet determined. The demand for and availability of parking for GSP/Corbin (GC), which is oversold 38%, will also be impacted by assigning students to lot 94, as well as increased demand in lot 94 and on city streets due to the new apartments being built at 11 & Mississippi. 

Overnight Parking for Desk Assistants

Create an “overnight” only permit for housing red zones, available only to desk assistants upon employment verification from Student Housing.

Basketball Event Parking

The loss of lots 72 and 19 for basketball parking will also have an impact on permit prices. In order to make up the difference, there are two possibilities:

  • If keeping ½ of lot 72, selling lots 34 and 41 will make up the difference.
  • If lot 72 is not available at all, selling lot 34 and 80% of lot 61 (250 spaces) will make up the difference. (If lot 41 is included, only 65% of lot 61 – 200 spaces – would need to be sold.)

Motorcycle/Moped Permits

Combine all mopeds and motorcycles into a single permit category, regardless of vehicle size. This will greatly simplify both the permits and parking areas. Also, create a “Cycle Visitor” permit to sell at the information booths, so that visitors can park in the appropriate zones.


In addition to attending the forum, we are also interested in your feedback about parking and transit services in general.

General Survey Proposal Feedback

You must have a permit or pay by the hour to park in a KU lot
Parking is self-funded, receiving no state funding or tuition money
15,000 parking spaces on campus
Main campus closed to drive-through traffic 7:45 a.m.–5 p.m.
Anyone with a valid KU Card can ride buses free
Parking meters using Parkmobile now accept credit cards
Follow parking on Twitter: @parkingKU
Visitors should park in parking garages or at meters
Red, Blue, and Gold zones are ticketed Monday through Friday year-round
To use ADA parking, you must register your placard with Parking & Transit and buy a parking permit
In residence hall zones, we patrol continuously and issue tickets day and night starting at 7 a.m. Monday and ending at 5 p.m. Friday when classes are in session
48 hours before closing lots for events, we'll post a real estate sign with the date and time at the entrance
Walking time from lot 57 (Stadium) to Wescoe: 6.5 minutes
Walking time from lot 90 (Recreation Center) to Wescoe: 8.5 minutes
Going to Watkins Health Center? Park at the meters, pay for 1 hour 
Using a yellow permit costs $1.93/day. Park & Ride is $1.41.
You don’t need to own a car to use a car – check out Enterprise Carshare.