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Long-term metered parking stalls on campus can be paid for by mobile phone instead of coins. These meters are labeled with a green sticker that displays instructions for how to pay using ParkMobile. The hourly cost of paying to park via ParkMobile is the same as long-term meters and garages, at $1.50 per hour. There is an additional $.35 fee collected by ParkMobile for each transaction.

ParkMobile allows you to add time to a meter remotely by phone instead of having to return to the lot to manually put in more coins. You also can choose to receive text message alerts when your time is about to expire.

  • There are ParkMobile-enabled meters in lots 1, 34, 90, 111, 206, 210, 214, 216, 221, 225, 228 and 301.
  • The entirety of lots 94 and 301, the Yellow section in lot 90 and all three parking garages are also ParkMobile-enabled zones in which you can pay the hourly price for parking in stalls without a meter.

When paying with ParkMobile, enter the zone number posted on the meter sticker (or on the signs for the parking garages and lots 90, 94 and 301) and your license plate information. Visit the ParkMobile website for more information about ParkMobile at KU,

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