Park & Ride Lot Closed

The KU Park & Ride lot (Lot 301) and a portion of Lot 302 on West Campus near the corner of Iowa Street and Clinton Parkway are closed as part of the construction of The Crossing development project. The Crossing is designed as a work-live-play community to attract more researchers and research dollars to the university and to the Lawrence community. The vision for the development project is to spur additional economic growth for the region while elevating our status as a research hub for the ultimate benefit of the university. Part of the project will be built on the current Park & Ride location.

Infrastructure work for the project is expected to begin in October. While Lot 301 and the east part of Lot 302 are closed, parking is still available in the west portion of Lot 302. The removal of parking in lots 301 and 302 is not expected to significantly impact students, faculty and staff. Those lots were rarely used and represent only a small portion of the total number of parking spaces in the multiple parking lots in the West District.

Map showing Park & Ride lot