Transportation Services

Resident Students

Students living on campus should purchase the appropriate parking permit for their living situation. All other lots on campus will be restricted during the day for commuter students, faculty, and staff. Residents should expect to walk or ride the bus from their residence hall to class and back.

Due to the limited number of parking stalls available for residents of campus housing, not every resident will be allowed to purchase a permit for the closest parking zones. 

Residence Hall permits cost $331 annually, or $182 per semester. Students who are able are encouraged to leave their vehicles at home, and we encourage you to consider signing up for the Enterprise CarShare program for access to vehicles for occasional use.

Note that there are staff red parking zones spread throughout the university housing parking lots; these parking spaces are for staff, and vehicles with housing or other permits will be ticketed and may be towed if found parked in the red stalls. Residents are advised to be sure to check signs when parking.

Individual parking stalls are available daily on a first-come, first-served basis.

Students living in Ellsworth, Hashinger, Lewis, Oswald, Self, or Templin halls need to purchase a Daisy Hill (DH) parking permit. This permit is valid in lots 101, 103, 104, 105, and 300E-G. Parking stalls are available daily on a first-come, first-served basis. If there are no open stalls in lots 101, 103, 104, or 105 when a resident is trying to park, they will need to park across Iowa Street (via the overpass) in lot 300E-G.

Daisy Hill Map

Residents of Gertrude Sellards Pearson (GSP) or Corbin Hall need to purchase a GC Permit. This permit is valid in lot 111, which surrounds GSP and Corbin Halls in three sections and includes a two-level parking garage just west of the residences. Overflow parking is in lot 94, except on home football game days and other posted events.

GSP map

Students living in Jayhawker Towers need to purchase a JT parking permit. This permit is valid in lots 109, 110, and 72. Students parked in lot 72 will have to move their cars to alternate locations during men's home basketball games.

jayhawker towers map

Students living in Oliver, Downs, or McCarthy halls and Stouffer Place Apartments need to purchase an CDH parking permit. This permit is valid in lots 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 119, and 130.

Residents of Scholarship Halls (Rieger, Douthart, Margaret Amini, Miller, Sellards, Watkins, Battenfeld, Grace Pearson, KK Amini, Krehbiel, Pearson, or Stephenson) may choose to purchase one of two parking permit options: An Alumni Place (AP) parking permit allows residents to park on a first-come, first-served basis in lots 100, 107, 121, 122, or 124. Owning an AP permit does not guarantee that a resident will be able to find a parking spot in any of these lots at any given time, and unfortunately there are no close overflow lots available so residents may sometimes have to resort to finding parking on nearby side streets.

Because of the limited parking available in AP lots, residents may choose to purchase a Mississippi St. Garage Only permit, valid only in the gated garage next to the Kansas Union. Note that all parking in this garage is pre-empted during home football game days, so students with garage permits will need to be aware of the signs posted 48 hours in advance of each of these instances (or check schedules online) and remove their vehicles from the garage on the specified dates. These preemptions are typically on Saturdays, when the AP lots, as well as most Gold lots nearby are unrestricted, so residents can park in lots such as 16, 14, or 15 on game weekends. Mississippi St. Garage Only permits are only available as annual permits.

You must have a permit or pay by the hour to park in a KU lot
Parking is self-funded, receiving no state funding or tuition money
15,000 parking spaces on campus
Main campus closed to drive-through traffic 7:45 a.m.–5 p.m.
Anyone with a valid KU Card can ride buses free
Parking meters using Parkmobile now accept credit cards
Follow parking on Twitter: @parkingKU
Visitors should park in parking garages or at meters
Red, Blue, and Gold zones are ticketed Monday through Friday year-round
To use ADA parking, you must register your placard with Parking & Transit and buy a parking permit
In residence hall zones, we patrol continuously and issue tickets day and night starting at 7 a.m. Monday and ending at 5 p.m. Friday when classes are in session
48 hours before closing lots for events, we'll post a real estate sign with the date and time at the entrance
Walking time from lot 57 (Stadium) to Wescoe: 6.5 minutes
Walking time from lot 90 (Recreation Center) to Wescoe: 8.5 minutes
Going to Watkins Health Center? Park at the meters, pay for 1 hour 
Using a yellow permit costs $1.93/day. Park & Ride is $1.41.
You don’t need to own a car to use a car – check out Enterprise Carshare.