Transportation Services Office

Carpool Program for Students

Parking on campus is limited and most student parking lots quickly fill up Monday through Friday. Students often may spend more time looking for a parking space than if they chose alternative transportation. We encourage students to consider carpooling, and we offer a permit for those who choose this option.

Two to four students may form a carpool and purchase a permit valid for parking in lots 52, 61 and 301. Carpool members must be KU students who live off campus and are not freshmen.

  • A carpool must have at least two members, and members may not have any other KU parking permits.
  • Cost is $350/number of carpool members.
  • Carpool permits are valid only in lots 52, 61 and 301. Only one car may be parked in lot 52 or 61 at any time.
  • Carpool members may park additional registered vehicle(s) in the Park & Ride lot (301) on days when carpooling is not feasible.
  • Any parking tickets issued to carpool participants are the responsibility of the owner/operator of the illegally parked vehicle.
  • Any abuse of a Carpool permit by participants, family members, non-KU students or anyone not authorized to use the Carpool permit will result in the Carpool permit being revoked.