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Parking Tickets

Avoiding Tickets

The best way to avoid getting parking tickets on KU Campus is to be aware of the Rules and Regs, buy a permit, and read lot signs. There is no such thing as free parking on campus during restricted hours. All vehicles must either have a permit and be parked in the correct zone for their permit, or pay to park at a meter or in a parking garage. If you have any questions about where students are allowed to park, you can check our "Getting to Class" page, e-mail us at, tweet us at @parkingku, or call us at 785-864-7275.

Enrollment Holds

A hold is automatically placed on any account with at least one unpaid ticket, meaning the account holder cannot enroll, request transcripts, or recieve diplomas until the unpaid tickets have been resolved by being either paid or appealed.  Holds are tyipcally lifted within 40 minutes of tickets being paid, and within a day of tickets being appealed.

Paying Tickets

Tickets must be paid within 10 business days of being issued, or an additional $10 fee will be added and the ticket will be considered "outstanding."  A vehicle on an account with 3 or more "outstanding" tickets is subject to being towed. 

Paying online:
Paying tickets online is probably the easiest and most convenient method, since it is available 24/7.  Students can use their KU online ID to log into the online payment page. Any tickets identified to the student's account can paid or appealed by clicking "view citations." If a student has received a ticket but it is not showing on the account, it is either not uploaded into the system yet (happens overnight) or the ticket has not yet been identified to the student.  To pay a ticket that has not yet been identified to an account, students will need to use the public online ticket payment option and manually select the ticket, which can be searched for by ticket number or license plate.

Pay in the office:
You can pay tickets in our office from 7:30 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Thursday and 7:30 AM-4:30 PM Friday.  We are located at 1501 Irving Hill Rd., (the office adjacent to Allen Fieldhouse Garage), and payments are accepted in the form of cash, credit or debit cards, or check.*  If you drive to our office in order to pay a ticket, you should park in the garage and bring the ticket that you pull at the entry gate into the office with you.  We will validate it for you after your business is conducted.
*Payments by check are not accepted when a vehicle is in the process of being towed.

Pay at fine deposit box
Tickets can also be paid at any time by enclosing them in an envelope with the appropriate fine payment in cash or check, and dropping the envelope into one of our fine deposit boxes. There are fine boxes located at both parking garages, at GSP Hall, and at McCollum Hall.
Note: If you choose to use this method it may take up to a week for the payment to be processed and reflected on your account.  If you need to lift an enrollment hold in a timely manner, you should use one of the other methods of payment.

Appealing Tickets

If you want to appeal a ticket, you must do so within 10 business days of recieving the ticket.  Any ticket can be appealed, but there is a $5 fee for appealing that you will have to pay the traffic court decides to uphold rather than dismiss the ticket.  Appeals forms must be filled out online.

You must have a permit or pay by the hour to park in a KU lot
Parking is self-funded, receiving no state funding or tuition money
15,000 parking spaces on campus
Main campus closed to drive-through traffic 7:45 a.m.–5 p.m.
Anyone with a valid KU Card can ride buses free
Parking meters using Parkmobile now accept credit cards
Follow parking on Twitter: @parkingKU
Visitors should park in parking garages or at meters
Red, Blue, and Gold zones are ticketed Monday through Friday year-round
Using a yellow annual parking permit costs $1.28 per day
To use ADA parking, you must register your placard with Parking & Transit and buy a parking permit
In residence hall zones, we patrol continuously and issue tickets day and night starting at 7 a.m. Monday and ending at 5 p.m. Friday when classes are in session
You don’t need to own a car to have a car – rent 1 of 4 cars by the hour with Hertz on Demand
48 hours before closing lots for events, we'll post a real estate sign with the date and time at the entrance
Walking time from lot 57 (Stadium) to Wescoe: 6.5 minutes
Walking time from lot 90 (Recreation Center) to Wescoe: 8.5 minutes
Going to Watkins Health Center? Park at the meters, pay for 1 hour