About Us

KU Parking strives to provide exceptional customer service and accurate information, contributing to a safe campus environment for the University community and its visitors.

The regulation of parking is a service to the University, and is intended to provide a safe community and protect students, faculty, staff and visitors on the KU campus. Parking decisions are focused on using available space for parking in the best interests of the entire university, and maximizing parking areas consistent with land needs for the academic function, topography, financial feasibility and maintenance of the natural beauty of the campus.

KU Parking is supported solely through the sale of permits, fines and other user fees. KU Parking receives no income from state or tuition funds.

We encourage you to email us your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Statutory Authorization:

KSA 74-3209 through KSA 74-3216 authorizes the Board of Regents to promulgate regulations for the control of parking and traffic on the University of Kansas campus and to establish misuse fees for violations of the regulations. Besides the internal misuse fees, KSA 74-3215 provides for violations of the regulations to be prosecuted as misdemeanors in the courts of the 7th Judicial District of Kansas, with a maximum fine of twenty-five dollars ($25).