Parking Lots

Parking lots on the Lawrence campus are color-coded and require a permit based on your KU status:

  • Student — Yellow, Housing, Park & Ride
  • Faculty/Staff — Staff Yellow, Red, Blue, Gold, Park & Ride
  • Visitors — Half-day, One-day, One-Week

Signs are posted at the entrance of each parking area giving the designation, hours the area is controlled and the permit zone color. Vehicles may only park in areas designated for parking. Remember, if the sign does not say you can, then you cannot. Most parking lots are restricted year-round.

During hours when an area is controlled, parking is restricted to vehicles with permits or parked at paid meters. If parked at a meter in a parking lot, you must insert payment, even if you have a colored permit for that parking lot.

Find more information about parking lots in the KU Parking Rules & Regulations.