Parking Fees & Fines

Permit and Other Fees

Permit Fees
5.Carpool (per person)2VariesVariesVaries
6.University Housing$331$182N/A
7.Parking Garage Gold2$663ProratedProrated
8.Parking Garage Blue2$517ProratedProrated
9.Parking Garage Red2$470ProratedProrated
10.Parking Garage Yellow2$350$192.50Prorated
12.Motorcycle/Moped Blue$87N/AN/A
13.Motorcycle/Moped Red$87N/AN/A
14.Temporary/MedicalSee 8.1See 8.1See 8.1
15.Service/Construction1See 8.1See 8.1See 8.1
16.Departmental Pass$174N/AN/A
17.Child Care Load$41$20.50N/A
18.Evening Only3N/A$63N/A
19.Reserved (Covered)4$1,782N/AN/A
20.Reserved (Not Covered)4$1,425N/AN/A

Permits are prorated throughout the year. Contact the KU Parking Office for current cost.

1 Permits include campus access authorization.
2 Upon successful application. (See sections 3.4 and 11.2 of the Parking Regulations.)
3 Valid 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. weekdays and on weekends in choice of one parking garage.
4 By approval of Office of the Provost.

Event Parking

Event Parking
TypePer Stall
Toll parking per space$35

Visitor Parking (Daily)

Visitor Parking (Daily)
TypeFull DayHalf DayWeekly5
Surface lots6$16$8$58
University Housing7$3N/AN/A
Hooded meters$24N/AN/A


Service/Construction Permits

Hourly Charges

Hourly Charges
Long-term meters$1.50 per hour
Short-term meters$1 per 40 minutes
Garage toll$1.75 first hour / $1.50 each additional hour
ParkMobile8$1.75 first hour / $1.50 each additional hour

Occasional/Temporary Parking9

Occasional/Temporary Parking
TypeDaily 1-pkDaily 15 pkDaily 30-pk
Garage$6 (Faculty/Staff Only)N/AN/A

Temporary permits are generally only available under the following circumstance:

  • Departments may purchase loading passes valid for an entire semester. Rate will be calculated according to duration and color zone in which loading will occur.

5 See section 4.3 of Regulations for restrictions.
6 Not valid in Gold zones and no campus access.
7 Not valid in AP.
8 Does not include ParkMobile user fees.
9 Available only to faculty, staff and students—visitors must pay visitor rates.

Parking Fines

Parking Fines
15.0Late Fee for tickets not paid within 10 business days (14 calendar days)$10
14.8a) Expired parking meter$15
14.8b) Failure to update license plate/transfer e-permit$15
14.8c) Garage toll not paid11$16
14.9d) No valid permit or wrong zone12$25
14.9e) Permit not properly displayed$25
14.9f) License plate not properly displayed, not visible or obscured$25
14.9g) DMV Lookup required to re-identify a vehicle previously identified$25
14.9h) Multiple registered vehicles parked on campus at same time$25
14.9i) Not in stall lines$25
14.9j) Parked in restricted area, e.g. guest meters, service stalls, construction area, etc.11$25
14.9k) Overstaying permit or parking stall time limit$25
14.9l) Facing wrong way$25
14.10m) Parked in a reserved stall11$50
14.10n) Non-designated parking11$50
14.10o) Blocking drive, roadway, dumpster, doors, or legally parked vehicle, or restricting the flow of traffic11$50
14.10p) Unauthorized storage11$50
14.11q) Booth run11$75
14.11r) Excessive violator11$75
14.12s) Parked after event restriction begins11$100
14.12t) Tampering with gates, cameras, or LPR equipment11,13$100
14.12u) Fire lane or hydrant11$100
14.12v) Deliberately obscured license plate11$100
14.12w) Display of forged, altered, lost or stolen parking permit11,14$100
14.12x) Use of permit not purchased by user or for which user is not eligible11$100
14.13y) Illegally parked in ADA space, aisle or ramp11$250
14.13z) Parking after parking privileges are revoked11$250

11 Fine escalates $10 upon each subsequent infraction, with vehicle automatically towable at the 6th or higher instance. Parking revoked upon third tow (see section 14.7).
12 In staff zones and restricted areas, fine escalates $10 upon each subsequent infraction, with vehicle automatically towable at the sixth or higher instance. Parking revoked upon 3rd tow (see section 14.7).
13 Plus full cost of repairs to equipment.
14 Plus full cost of permit that was displayed.