Permits - Visitors

Campus visitors are encouraged to utilize one of three parking garages on campus and pay the hourly fee of $1.75 for the first hour and $1.50 per hour or part of an hour thereafter.  Information about paying for parking via smartphone can be found here.

Visitor Permits

Visitor permits for commuter student Yellow zones and housing Green zones are only available online. Create a visitor account in the online Parking Portal by selecting "Are you a visitor?" Visitors are responsible for referring to the campus parking map to find the appropriate parking zone. Daily parking for yellow zones and housing lots are $3.00 per day.

Housing lots are restricted 24 hours, Monday through Friday. A permit must be purchased for each day throughout the week. If you park overnight, you should purchase one permit for the evening and another permit for the next day.

Because of severely limited parking space for residents, visitor permits are not valid in any Scholarship Hall parking lots (100, 107, 121, 122, or 124 colored brown on the parking map) or Naismith Hall parking lots (131, and 132). Visitors for these lots must park in the Mississippi Street Parking Garage and pay the hourly fee for parking.