Permits - Visitors

In most cases, we encourage visitors to park in the closest garage to their campus destination, and either walk or ride the free campus buses. Three parking garages on campus offer hourly toll parking:

Visitor Permits

If visiting a campus location not served by a garage, please come in to the KU Parking office to purchase a permit. Visitor permits that enable parking in Gold, Blue, Red or Yellow lots are available:

  • Half-day ($8)
  • One day ($16)
  • One week ($58)

Visitor permits are valid in regular permit stalls or long-term parking meters within the color lot/zone indicated.

Housing Visitor Permits

Visitor permits that allow a vehicle to park in Housing lots are available at a cost of $3 per day in the KU Parking office during business hours.

Housing lots are restricted 24 hours, Monday through Friday. In order to park at a residence hall overnight, visitors must purchase a two-day Housing Visitor Permit at a cost of $6.