Moving in/Out

Move-in day for residence halls and scholarship halls is a very busy time in which hundreds of families need vehicle access to very limited spaces. In order to accommodate everyone, vehicles are only allowed to park in the residence hall lots for 10 minutes each on those days.

Important Note: The 10-minute limit on move-in day applies to vehicles with Housing permits, as well. If you have a Housing permit, you will be able to park in your designated Housing lot at the end of the move-in day.

Student Housing will contact residents before move-in day with the designated timeframe they should arrive based on their housing assignment, and instructions for parking before and after unloading your vehicle.

Unloading During Move-in Day

When a vehicle arrives at the designated residence hall for unloading, drivers will park as directed and stay in their vehicle while a representative from Student Housing will assist with the unloading of the vehicle. Once the vehicle is unloaded, it should proceed to the designated long-term parking area. Parking attendants and KU Public Safety officers will be directing traffic to help vehicles get to and from unloading areas.

Moving at Other Times of the Year

When moving in/out of a residence hall or scholarship hall:

What to DO:

  • Only park in University Housing lots if you have a permit
  • Follow all KU Parking Rules and Regulations (ex: pay meters, etc.)
  • Have the items you’re moving packed and ready to go before you park in a designated loading area
  • Be mindful of any posted TIME LIMIT signs.

What NOT to do:

  • Don't park in faculty/staff zones in Housing lots (Red, Blue Gold zones)
  • Don't park in delivery vehicle stalls, state vehicle stalls, etc.
  • Don't park in accessible stalls, unless you are properly permitted to do so
  • Don't park in bus lanes. fire lanes or No Parking zones
  • Don't block other vehicles or impede traffic
  • Don't park along curbs or in other areas unless specifically marked for parking or loading/unloading