Carpool Program for Employees

Two to four employees may form a carpool and purchase a permit.

  • Members may not have any other KU parking permits.
  • The permit may be purchased in any zone up to the highest eligibility of carpool members. The eligible member must be the primary driver.
  • Cost is the regular permit price divided evenly between the number of carpool members. Payroll deduction is not available for carpool permits.
  • Only one car may be parked in the carpool color zone parking at any time.
  • Carpool members may park additional registered vehicle(s) in lot 302 on days when carpooling does not work.
  • Any parking tickets issued to carpool participants are the responsibility of the owner/operator of the illegally parked vehicle.
  • Any abuse of a Carpool permit by participants, family members, KU students, or anyone not authorized to use the carpool permit will result in the carpool permit being revoked.

Each potential member of a carpool must fill out our online carpool application form, and will be contacted by a staff member from Transportation Services within three business days.