Parking & Transit Office

Spring 2019 Parking Forum

The Parking Commission sponsored an open forum to receive feedback on parking issues, and review changes for the 2019-20 academic year with the KU campus on April 10, 2019. 

The proposed changes are as follows:

  • NO increase in parking permit rates
  • Allow retiree permits to be valid in parking garages
  • Offer Staff Yellow permits to Graduate Students
  • Combine Oliver/Downs and Stouffer Place Apartments into a single parking zone
  • Allow Housing permits to park in any housing zone after 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. on weeknights
  • Remove restrictions from Jayhawker Towers parking zones on weekends
  • Add fine escalation to tickets related to improper use of permits

In accordance with university policy, Parking & Transit hosts two open forums each academic year.  Individuals were able to speak at the meeting or may send comments in written form to Margretta de Vries, Parking Commission secretary. 

If you were unable to attend, you can also provide feedback to us through an online survey.  General issues included in these comments will be summarized and shared with the Parking Commission. 

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19th Street Construction Begins 3/11/19

Due to the long term closure of 19th Street between Naismith and Iowa beginning on 3/11, Routes 11 and 38 will be on the following reroutes. Drivers will stop at all existing posted stops on the alternative route.

Route 11 will miss stops on West Campus and along 19th Street:

  • Northbound from 23rd & Naismith: Continue past 19th, left on 18th left on Irving Hill Rd., right on Engel (okay to drop at Daisy Hill stops), right on 15th, right on Burdick, left on Irving Hill Rd., to normal route.
  • Southbound from 15th & Naismith: Right on 15th, remain on 15th to Engel, left on Engel (okay to pick-up at Stops 251 & 374), left on Irving Hill Rd., right on 18th, right on Naismith, remain on Naismith to normal route.

Route 38 will miss stops on Stewart Avenue:

  • Northbound from 23rd & Ousdahl: Right on 21st, left on Naismith, left on 18th, continue on 18th to normal route.
  • Southbound from 18th & Irving Hill Rd: Continue on 18th past Ousdahl, right on Naismith, right on 21st, left on Ousdahl to normal route.

These reroutes will continue for the rest of the semester/summer. 

Parking Garage Changes Started Monday, 8/20/18

All three parking garages switched to a License Plate Recognition system on August 20, 2018. Find out more info here, and email with any further questions about the change.

Current Restrictions

All restrictions are currently in place.

Drive thru traffic on Jayhawk Boulevard is restricted from 7:45 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday on days when class is in session.

Accessible stalls and Limited Mobility stalls are restricted 24/7/365. A state issued placard or license plate is required to be on display to park in these stalls.

Rule Change: Escalating Tickets

All fines $25 or higher will now escalate.

Fine escalates $10 upon each subsequent issuance (e.g. $35, $45, etc. up to $75).

*Towable Offense. When the citation reaches $75, and every time after, the vehicle is automatically towable at owner's expense. Parking privileges will be revoked after 2nd tow for either violation.

Restricted areas include but are not limited to service vehicle stalls, state vehicle stalls, campus community parked at a guest meter, posted No Parking zones, etc.

Please see Rules & Regulations section 12 for additional information.

You must have a permit or pay by the hour to park in a KU lot
Parking is self-funded, receiving no state funding or tuition money
15,000 parking spaces on campus
Main campus closed to drive-through traffic 7:45 a.m.–5 p.m.
Anyone with a valid KU Card can ride buses free
Parking meters using Parkmobile now accept credit cards
Follow parking on Twitter: @parkingKU
Visitors should park in parking garages or at meters
Red, Blue, and Gold zones are ticketed Monday through Friday year-round
To use ADA parking, you must register your placard with Parking & Transit and buy a parking permit
In residence hall zones, we patrol continuously and issue tickets day and night starting at 7 a.m. Monday and ending at 5 p.m. Friday when classes are in session
48 hours before closing lots for events, we'll post a real estate sign with the date and time at the entrance
Walking time from lot 57 (Stadium) to Wescoe: 6.5 minutes
Walking time from lot 90 (Recreation Center) to Wescoe: 8.5 minutes
Going to Watkins Health Center? Park at the meters, pay for 1 hour 
Using a yellow permit costs $1.93/day. Park & Ride is $1.41.
You don’t need to own a car to use a car – check out Enterprise Carshare.