Parking Garages

There are three parking garages on campus for permit and hourly toll parking:

  • Allen Fieldhouse Garage is located on the corner of Naismith and Irving Hill Road (Clearance is 7 feet)
  • Mississippi St. Garage is located just north of the Kansas Union (Clearance is 8 feet)
  • Central District Garage is located southwest of the Integrated Science Building and the Burge Union with access from Ousdahl Road (Clearance is 8.5 feet)

Hourly Parking

Hourly parking is for visitors and others who don't have a KU parking permit. To use hourly parking:

  • KU uses license plate recognition for parking enforcement in the garages.
  • Pull slowly into the garage and find a place to park. ADA/Limited mobility and reserved/service stalls require a special permit.
  • Proceed to the pay station within 15 minutes of entering the garage or use the ParkMobile app to pre-pay for parking.
  • The first hour (or any portion of an hour) is $1.75, and all subsequent hours are $1.50.
  • Pay stations accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover or cash. Have exact change if paying by cash, as pay stations do not give change.

Accessible Parking

Individuals with a valid KU permit and an ADA placard registered with KU Parking may park in garages without an additional garage-specific permit.

Questions About Parking Garages

How much does it cost to park in the garage?
The charge to park in the garages is $1.75 for the first hour, and $1.50 for each additional hour, or any portion of an hour.

Can I get a permit for the garage?
Yes. Faculty and staff can purchase an annual permit for a specified garage. Students must contact KU Parking and be placed on a waiting list before they can purchase a garage permit. Garage permits are sold on an annual basis only.

Why can't I park in lots around the garage with my garage permit?
You may not park in the lots directly surrounding the garages because we guarantee you a space in the garage. If you parked just outside it, you would, in effect, be taking up two parking spaces.

Why isn't my regular surface lot permit valid in the garage?
Your permit is not valid in the garage because the garages cost more to maintain, and the permits which are valid there cost more. Please refer to the answer about garage permits above.