Pay a Ticket

Payment is due upon issuance of ticket. A $10 late fee will be added to all tickets not paid within 14 calendar days.

Parking tickets can be paid electronically, by mail, or in person:

When making your payment:

  • Include a copy of your violation notice (ticket or statement) with your payment.
  • KU Parking accepts cash, checks, cashier’s checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Make checks payable to KU Transportation Services.
  • For cash payments, up to $1 in coins will be accepted. No personal checks will be accepted for tickets on towed vehicles/accounts.

Pay a Ticket

Students and KU employees can pay by logging into their KU Parking account. Visitors, parents, and former students can pay without logging in.

Unpaid Tickets

See the KU Parking Rules & Regulations for full details related to unpaid tickets.


  • Students with unpaid tickets will not be allowed to enroll, obtain or transfer records, or obtain a diploma.
  • Personal checks will not be accepted for release of hold on official transcript.
  • Students with unpaid tickets also will not be allowed to purchase a parking permit.

Faculty & Staff:

  • Faculty and staff with unpaid tickets will not be permitted to purchase a parking permit, and are subject to KSA 76-741, which specifies that parking fines may be collected from payroll warrants.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unpaid tickets and/or other past-due charges may be referred to a collection agency for collection, as specified by KSA 76-475.

Excessive Violations

Three or more tickets issued to any vehicle or posted to the account of any owner/operator and that have not been paid within 14 calendar days constitute “excessive violations.” All vehicles on an account with excessive violations are subject to being immobilized with The Barnacle or towing. All tickets must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released (see section 13.0 in KU Parking Rules & Regulations for payment methods). In addition, the Parking Commission may revoke the privilege of operating a vehicle on the University of Kansas campus.

The Barnacle

Some vehicles may be immobilized using The Barnacle instead of being towed from campus. For more information about the device and how it works, check out our Barnacle information page.

Towing and Impounding Vehicles

Vehicles may be towed from the University of Kansas property at any time if they interfere with the efficient operation of traffic and parking on the KU campus or if they are parked in an area not specifically designated for or designed as a parking area. All charges for towing and/or storage fees are the responsibility of the owner/operator and may be assessed as a separate ticket.

IMPORTANT NOTE:Moving a vehicle that has a wheel-lock attached will damage the vehicle.