Permits - Pay-per-Use

Faculty and staff can purchase pay-per-use permits for occasional parking on campus. These permits are particularly beneficial for employees with a remote or hybrid work schedule, Edwards Campus employees who periodically visit the Lawrence campus, and employees who typically use other transportation to campus.

30-use and 15-use Permits

  • Permits are valid for the number of stated uses. Parking on any given day constitutes one use.
  • Available in Gold, Blue, Red, and Yellow (qualification restrictions apply).
  • Permits are not date-specific.
  • Each unique date that a registered plate is scanned by a mobile LPR (license plate recognition) vehicle constitutes a single use, even if that scan results in a ticket. (e.g., if you paid for a Red permit and park in a Blue lot, that counts as a single day use and you would be ticketed for parking in the incorrect lot).
  • KU Transportation Services will send you an email showing your declining balance of uses on the permit.
  • Permits and unused days expire July 31 every year.
  • No refunds for unused days.
  • Not available on payroll deduction for employees.

Daily permits

  • Daily permits can be purchased online through the KU Parking portal.
  • Available in Gold, Blue, Red, Yellow, Housing, and parking garages (qualifications restrictions apply).
  • Dates must be specified.
  • A maximum of five days can be purchased at a time.
  • No limit on number of purchases.
  • No refunds on purchases.
  • Not available on payroll deduction for employees.

If you’re not sure what type of permit you’ll need to start, we recommend purchasing a daily permit as needed.

  • Limited use permits (15- and 30- uses permits) for each academic year will be available starting August 1 each year.
  • You can start the year with a short-term permit or multiple short-term permits and purchase an annual permit later, if needed. Annual permits can be purchased at any time and will begin prorating weekly in September.

Faculty and staff can enroll in payroll deduction at the time they purchase an annual permit. Although there is no deadline to sign up for payroll deduction, it is not available after May 1 each year. Be sure to use all days of your short-term permit before enrolling in payroll deduction.

Permit Cost

Permit Cost
Permit TypeDaily Cost15-Use Cost30-Use Cost


Parking Garage (employees only)$6.00N/AN/A
Park & Ride$2.00$30.00$60.00