Vehicle owners are ultimately responsible for parking violations. If the vehicle owner is not a member of the KU community, KU Parking assumes the student or faculty/staff member who is related to the owner is the operator of the vehicle on campus. If the vehicle is registered with KU Parking, the owner of the parking will be held responsible for that ticket. Vehicle owners and operators should both review the KU Parking Rules & Regulations.


  • KU Parking uses license plate recognition to enforce parking on the Lawrence campus. All vehicles must park with their valid license plate facing the driving lane.
  • Lawrence city parking ordinances may be enforced on city streets within campus.
  • A vehicle will be considered unidentifiable if it has no license plate or visible VIN number. Any vehicle that is unidentifiable shall be towed immediately.
  • E-citations may be issued to vehicles that move before a paper ticket can be placed on the vehicle (e.g. bus zones, loading zones, double parked, blocking traffic, etc.).

Fines and Fees

  • Some fines increase by $10 each time they are issued to the same car in the same academic year (e.g. a $25 ticket will increase to $35 the second time it is issued, then $45, and so on). Once a fine has escalated six times, the violation becomes a towable offense. If a vehicle is towed twice for the same escalating fine, parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the academic year.
  • A $10 late fee will be added to all tickets not paid within 14 calendar days.

Parking Rules & Regulations

Violation categories and fines are detailed in KU Parking Rules & Regulations.