Motorcycles, Mopeds and Bikes

Motorcycles and Mopeds

Motorcycle/moped parking permits are significantly less expensive than automobile permits, and are valid only for designated motorcycle/moped parking areas. Motorcycles and mopeds may not park in automobile spaces or in campus parking garages. Riders should read signs carefully before parking, as some areas are designated as shared moped/motorcycle parking while others are moped only or motorcycle only, and some moped/motorcycle parking is for faculty/staff permits only.

Mopeds and motorcycles may not park at bicycle racks.


Bicycles on campus are not required to have a permit. Riders should observe all rules of traffic and park at bike racks, which are located outside nearly every building on campus. We recommend that bicycle riders use a secure lock when parking at campus bike racks. Most campus and Lawrence city buses have bicycle racks on the front.

Bicycles should not be ridden on the sidewalks.

The Biking at KU website by the KU Center for Sustainability has information about bicycling on campus and around the Lawrence community.