Guidelines For Departmental Pass Usage

Please print or bookmark this page for reference!

Don’t forget that all of the KU buses are free for anyone on campus. You can avoid moving your car and losing your parking space if your trip can be accomplished using alternative transportation. No bus pass is needed to board on campus.

To use a departmental pass:

  1. Take the pass to one of the traffic control booths on campus.
  2. You will be issued an electronic upgrade for up to three hours. Only one upgrade will be given per departmental pass card each day. 
  3. Departmental pass upgrades will only be issued to vehicles that have a valid e-permit for parking on campus.
  4. Displaying a departmental pass without an electronic upgrade issued by Transportation Services personnel is not sufficient and will result in the issuance of a ticket.
  5. The departmental pass is valid only in regular stalls, not in reserved stalls, ADA accessible stalls, parking meters or the parking garages.
  6. Departmental passes are not valid in loading zones. If you need to park in a loading zone, visit a traffic booth or the Parking office to obtain a loading permit good for 20 minutes.

Departmental passes are intended to provide University employees with access to restricted areas of campus for the purpose of conducting employment related business. Passes are for occasional short-term use only. They are not to be used to attend class, for parking while at one’s regular job station, or for any personal (rather than employment related) reason. 

Transportation Services keeps statistics on departmental pass usage in order to have an idea of how the passes are being used. If Transportation Services has any concerns regarding the usage of a pass, the departmental representative who is responsible for the pass will be contacted. 

Abuse of a pass will result in its revocation.

Please contact the Transportation Services office with any questions about how to use departmental passes.