Where to Park

KU Lawrence is a closed campus, with traffic generally restricted from 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. year-round. All campus parking is restricted to vehicles with permits that authorize parking in that area, or where a meter fee or garage toll has been paid. Parking on the KU Edwards Campus is open and does not require a permit.

Parking enforcement is done primarily using license plate recognition software. Vehicles are required to park with the license plate facing the driving lane.

Parking spaces are marked with paint. If there are no painted lines, it is not a parking space. The only exceptions are gravel parking lots.

Permits and parking lots/zones are color coded. Drivers should pay close attention to signs in campus parking lots. Some parking lots include a mix of student and employee parking zones with different restrictions. Drivers are responsible for understanding and following KU Parking Rules & Regulations.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are required to observe all University of Kansas parking regulations and to park in designated visitor or metered parking areas. If parked at a meter, all visitors must pay the prescribed fee. Parking tickets are assessed against a vehicle, not the vehicle operator.

Student, Faculty & Staff Parking

KU maintains various types of parking facilities to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students. These include regular permit lots, parking garages and metered parking spaces. Some parking lots and garages are controlled 24 hours per day.

Students, faculty and staff may purchase only one automobile permit and one motorcycle/moped permit per year. Parking permits are registered to your license plate, instead of a window sticker. Permit holders can register alternate license plates if they drive a different vehicle; however, only one registered vehicle can be parked on campus at a time.

Purchasing a parking permit does not imply or guarantee a parking space at any particular time, and parking privileges may be modified or preempted by the authority of the Chancellor of the University.