Regulations - 14. Tickets

14.0 Responsibility. The person in whose name a motorized vehicle is titled or the person who normally operates that vehicle shall be responsible for all tickets identified to the vehicle. When applicable, if the owner is not a member of the University, Transportation Services assumes any student or faculty/staff member who is related to the owner is the operator of the vehicle on campus.

If a parking permit is displayed, or the vehicle is registered for an e-permit, then the owner of the parking permit/e-permit shall be responsible for that ticket.

14.1 A $10 late fee will be added to all tickets not paid within 14 calendar days.

14.2 Disabled Vehicles.Immediately notify Transportation Services or the Office of Public Safety if your vehicle becomes disabled on campus. Failure to do so within one hour of vehicle being disabled or issuance of ticket will result in enforcement of all appropriate penalties. Disabled vehicles must be moved within 48 hours of being reported. You may call 785-864-7289 or use our online form to report a disabled vehicle.

14.3 Abandoned Vehicles. Abandoned vehicles will be towed after a letter is sent to registered owner or permit holder, if they can be identified, stating date by which vehicle must be moved, unless vehicle is proven to be driveable.

14.4 Unidentifiable Vehicles. Any vehicle that is unidentifiable shall be towed immediately.

14.5 Multiple tickets may be issued for same violation on consecutive days, and may also be issued on the same day for multiple, separate instances (e.g. vehicle has moved), or at parking meters (see section 9.7).

14.6 E-Tickets may be issued to vehicles that move before a paper ticket can be placed on the vehicle (e.g. bus zones, loading zones, double parked, blocking traffic, etc.)

14.7 Escalating Fines. Fines that escalate increase $10 each time they are issued to the same car in the same academic year (e.g. a $25 ticket will increase to $35 the second time it is issued, then $45, and so on). Once a fine has escalated six times, the violation becomes a towable offense. If a vehicle is towed (or in the process of being towed) twice after reaching the sixth escalation, parking may be revoked for the remainder of the academic year. Escalations reset August 1 each year.

14.8 Group 0 University violations. Fee: $15/16.

a) Expired meter. $15.

b) Failure to update license plate/transfer e-permit. $15.

c) Garage toll not paid. $16. Fine escalates.

14.9 Group I University violations. Fee: $25. Vehicle may be towed from posted tow-away zones.

d) No valid permit or other authorization for use of parking facilities, including wrong zone, where assigned permit is not valid or unauthorized parking in a staff lot. Fine escalates in staff zones (see section 14.7).

e) Permit not properly displayed.

f) License plate not visible from driving lanes, obscured (e.g. with mud, cover, bicycle rack, etc.; not the same as section 14.12(v), or not properly displayed (e.g. in car window).

g) DMV Lookup required to re-identify a vehicle previously on the same account after removal.

h) More than one vehicle parked on campus at the same time (issued to second vehicle found).

i) Vehicle not within stall lines of a legal parking space.

j) Parked in restricted area Fine escalates (see section 14.7).

k) Overstaying permit or parking stall time limit (e.g. loading zones, etc.).

l) Facing wrong way – Vehicles using parallel parking areas must park with the front of the vehicle pointing in the same direction as flow of traffic.

14.10 Group II University violations. Fee: $50. Vehicle may be towed. Fines escalate (see section 14.7).

m) Parked in reserved stall.

n) Non-designated parking in an area not specifically designated for or designed as a parking area for motor vehicles (e.g. on grass, sidewalk, “no parking” sign, areas not marked as a parking space, such as at the end of a row, or in any building not designated for the repair or storage of vehicles, etc.)

o) Blocking driveway, roadway, bus stops, dumpsters, doors, or legally parked vehicles; or restricting normal flow of traffic.

p) Unauthorized storage of vehicle on university premises. (Vehicles not bearing a license tag or current permit, or parked illegally and not moved for five or more days.)

14.11 Group III University violations. Fee: $75. Vehicle may be towed. Fines escalate (see section 14.7).

q) Booth run. Unauthorized entry to closed area of campus.

r) Excessive violator. Assessed if vehicle is impounded by wheel lock or towed (see section 15.4).

14.12 Group IV University violations. Fee: $100. Vehicle may be towed. Fines escalate (see section 14.7).

s) Parking after event restriction begins.

t) Tampering. Issued to any person who tampers with any gate, camera, or LPR equipment. Cost of repair will be added to the fine.

u) Parked in designated fire lane or adjacent to a fire hydrant.

v) Deliberately Obscured. Issued to any vehicle which has covered its license plate to avoid detection by LPR system (not as in section 14.9(f)).

w) Display of forged, altered, lost or stolen parking permit, or fraudulent report of lost or stolen parking permit. Cost of forged, altered or stolen permit will be added to the fine, and parking privileges will be revoked for one year.

x) Use of permit/e-permit for which user is not eligible; or purchase of permit/e-permit by eligible third party for a user who is not themselves eligible for the permit/e-permit.

14.13 Group V University violation. Fee: $250. Vehicle may be towed. Fines escalate (see section 14.7).

y) Illegally parked in or blocking an accessible or limited mobility space, accessible aisle, or ADA-compliant ramp designated as accessible.

z) Parking on campus after parking privileges have been revoked.

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