Regulations - 9. Control of Parking Lots

9.0 Signs are posted at the entrance of each parking area giving the designation, hours the area is controlled, and the zone color. Vehicles may only park in areas designated for parking. Remember, if the sign does not say you can, then you cannot. Most parking lots are restricted year-round.

During hours when an area is controlled, parking is restricted to vehicles with permits which authorize parking in that area or at paid meters. Reserved parking spaces are restricted according to the sign posted at each reserved parking space. No vehicle may park free of charge at any meter except as noted in 9.2 or when displaying a valid accessible placard/tag or a paid visitor permit. Except as noted in section 9.2, meters are enforced the same hours as the restrictions of the lot in which the meter is located.

9.1 Parking lots/zones (see table below). Parking lots are not intended for long-term storage (see sections 14.2-14.4).

24 hours
Enforced all year
ADA or Limited MobilityDesignated by sign. KU permit required 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F. ADA plate or placard required 24/7.
Lot 5State and Union vehicles only. Permit required.
Alumni PlaceAP permit required. Vehicles without correct parking authorization may be towed. No visitor parking.
Sunflower ApartmentsSF Red, Blue, Gold, or visitor permit required.
Motorcycle/MopedOnly Blue motorcycle/moped permits are allowed campus access. Cars may never park in motorcycle or moped spaces.
7am - 5pm/ M-F
Enforced all year
Lot 3Outside of reserved hours for individual spaces, staff permits required 24 hours under Spencer overhang.
GoldStaff permits required 5–7:30 p.m. Mon – Fri in the rectangular section of lot 12 and lots 13, 18, 21, 35, 37 and 129.
BlueStaff permits required 5–7:30 p.m. Mon – Fri in the rectangular section of lot 12 and lots 13, 18, 21, 35, 37 and 129.
RedRed zones in housing lots (72, 100-130) are enforced 24 hours Monday–Friday.
8am - 4pm/M-F
Open for parking without a permit when classes are not in session.
YellowYE permit required.
24 hours
7am Mon. to 5pm Fri.
Any valid permit may park after 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. daily.
Daisy HillDH permit required.
GSP/CorbinGC permit required, including football game Saturdays.
Jayhawker TowersJT permit required.
Central HousingCD permit required.


9.2 Meters are enforced during the hours posted on the meters, except for state holidays when class is not in session. Metered spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Vehicles with ADA placards may park free of charge at meters.

9.3 Long-term meters are available in limited locations on campus for time limits of 2 hours. Meter rates are $1.50 per hour. Long-term meters are enabled for use with ParkMobile and can be paid using a phone; follow instructions on meter label. All yellow and park and ride zones are also enabled for hourly parking via ParkMobile. Meters in lots 1 may not be paid multiples in one day.

9.4 Short-term meters, including loading zone meters are for 20 minutes only. Short-term meters may not be used for multiple consecutive time periods and are prohibited for long-term daily use. Rates are $.50 for 20 minutes. Faculty, staff, and students may not park at delivery or visitor meters.

9.5 Other loading zones. Designated by signs. Restricted 24 hours. Non-metered loading zones require a special permit during business hours, limited to 20 minutes, issued at information booth or Transportation Services office.

9.6 Health Center patients should park in the marked patient parking stalls in lot 117. If patient receives ticket during their appointment, tickets may be turned in at point of service within Watkins Health Center within 10 business days for cancellation. If e-ticket notification is sent by email, it should be forwarded to for cancellation request. Restricted all year, 7am-5pm Monday-Friday.

9.7 Tickets can be issued once per hour at long term meters, once every 20 minutes at 20 minute meters or loading zones, and once every 40 minutes at 40 minute meters (see section 14.5).

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