Transportation Services Office

Faculty Staff Parking

KU has a closed campus, with traffic generally restricted from 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. Any benefits-eligible employee of the university may purchase a parking permit for surface lots or one of three parking garages. Eligibility for permits is based primarily on age and length of service.

Departments may not purchase parking for any staff or faculty member. Faculty or staff members who wish to appeal their parking assignments or who need special parking privileges should apply to the Parking Commission.

Shared Vehicles

Faculty/staff members who share vehicles may register multiple vehicles under one permit. However, only one vehicle at a time may be parked on campus. Faculty/staff members who need two cars parked on campus must purchase separate permits. Because parking is limited faculty/staff members should consider their needs carefully when applying for parking privileges. Faculty/staff who share a vehicle where one is employed at the university, and the other at the medical center, must register at each campus if they intend to park at both ampuses.

GTAs, GRAs and GAs

Graduate Teaching Assistants, Graduate Research Assistants and Graduate Assistants (GTAs, GRAs) are not eligible for employee parking permits, but can purchase student permits.


Retirees can choose between two kinds of parking permits: A retiree permit, valid in any color zone, for $110, or a free permit for Park & Ride lots 301 and 302 only (serviced regularly by the Route 41 bus to main campus).