Regulations - 8. Permit Fees

8.0-8.1 Full schedule of parking permit fees.

8.2 Medical permits will be sold at the Gold temporary weekly rate, regardless of current permit/e-permit (see online fee schedule).

8.3 DMV Lookup. Unidentified vehicles with tickets that are identified to any student, staff, or faculty account shall be assessed a $5 administrative fee for the DMV Lookup Service. Any unidentified vehicle that was previously removed from the same student, staff, or faculty account shall be assessed a $25 ticket (see section 14.9).

8.4 Refunds. Full refunds of fees paid for unused permits/cancelled e-permits will be made only if a written request for refund is made to Transportation Services within 10 business days from the date of receipt. Partial refunds of annual permits/e-permits may be requested until February 22, 2024.

Amount of refund will be calculated at the time permit is returned/e-permit is cancelled, is subject to a $5 administrative fee, and will first be applied to all outstanding charges at the university. Physical permit must be returned intact before a refund will be processed. Transportation Services reserves the right to refuse any refund request.

There are no refunds of fees paid via ParkMobile or pay stations.

8.5 Payment through payroll deduction. Faculty and staff with at least 0.5 FTE may choose the option of purchasing their parking permit through payroll deduction, except when in a temporary position. Faculty and staff with less than 0.5 FTE may petition to enroll in payroll deduction, for whom eligibility will
be determined by KU Payroll. Once payroll deduction has been selected, it will be ongoing until employee makes a change or is terminated.If payroll deduction is terminated for continuing employees, it cannot be restarted in the same academic year.

E-permits will be cancelled upon termination of employment, and payroll deduction will end. There will be no refunds.

New employees may select payroll deduction at any time before April 1 each year, but we encourage them to do so during their first two weeks of employment. For requirements, contact Transportation Services office.

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