Regulations - 6. Accessible Parking

6.0 An official state-issued ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) license plate or placard is required and must be displayed to park in standard accessible (marked with international wheelchair symbol) and limited mobility parking spaces or when using upgraded color zone privileges.

6.1 Placard/Tag Registration. Registration of official state-issued ADA placard or license tag with Transportation Services is required. Owner must follow rules for on campus usage.

6.2 Registered owners of motor vehicles which bear an official state-issued ADA placard or license tag which are being operated by or used for the transportation of the registered owner affiliated with KU, must also purchase a University of Kansas parking permit/e-permit.

6.3 Proof of ownership of state-issued ADA placard (photo ID with wallet ID card or registration receipt) must be presented for registration and purchase of ADA permit/e-permit, and upon request at traffic control booths in order to gain entrance to the central core of campus.

6.4 Use of ADA permit for access to central core of campus may not be used for any purpose other than transporting the registered owner of the ADA placard and permit, e.g. acting as a “taxi” service for friends.

6.5 Visitors with state-issued ADA placard parking on campus 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday must present identification (see section 6.3) at traffic
control booth to verify ownership in order to park free at meters with state-issued disabled placard; pay hourly toll in parking garages; or purchase a visitor permit/e-permit in the Transportation Services office or at the traffic control booths located at the Chi Omega Fountain or next to Danforth Chapel.

6.6 ADA parking privileges do not include reserved stalls, service stalls, loading zones, no-parking zones, or any other area specifically marked for a purpose other than ADA or Limited Mobility, nor in the hash marked areas next to ADA accessible stalls.

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