Regulations - 4. Visitor Parking

Certain spaces and areas in campus parking facilities are set aside for use by visitors; these areas have been located for maximum visitor convenience and clearly identified by signage.

Enrolled students, employees, vendors, office occupants and tenants, including Research Campus tenants, are NEVER considered visitors. Visitors are persons not affiliated with the university.

4.1 Spaces that are designated by “Visitor Parking” or “Guest Only” signs are not to be used by faculty, staff, or students. Any person operating a vehicle registered to a current university student or employee is not eligible for visitor status.

4.2 Access to central campus is very limited. Visitors may park in a parking garage (see map online) for $1.75 first hour and $1.50 per each additional hour. Visitor permits/e-permits are available for a few parking lots where a parking garage is not within a reasonable distance of visitor’s destination, and are valid in regular permit stalls or long-term parking meters within the color zone indicated. Several metered and pay-by-phone parking areas are specifically available for the convenience of visitors, including all yellow lots.

Once parked, visitors may use any bus to get around campus, which is a fare free zone. Bus stops can be found in or near most parking lots; routes and schedules are available on the Lawrence Transit website.

4.3 Visitors are required to observe all University of Kansas parking regulations and to park in designated visitor or metered parking areas. If parked at a meter, all visitors must pay the prescribed fee. Parking tickets are assessed against a vehicle, not the vehicle operator.

4.4 Visitor permits/e-permits may be purchased by individuals or departments. (See for current rates.) Faculty, staff and students are not eligible to use any visitor permits purchased by departments.

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