Regulations - 12. Parking Lot Closures

12.0 The Chancellor of the University of Kansas or their designated representative is authorized to create, modify, or preempt parking in controlled areas of the campus. Any such area shall be manually controlled or posted with signs stating the type of permit or restrictions pertaining to the use of the area.

12.1 Requests for parking lot preemptions must be submitted by departments in writing to the Chancellor, detailing the nature of the event, date(s), time(s), and parking lot(s) involved. If the preemption is approved, details on staffing, costs and signage will be determined by Transportation Services.

12.2 Parking Lot Preemptions. During major events (e.g. commencement, football, basketball), certain parking lots will be preempted. In general, preemptions will only take place after 5 p.m. on weekdays or at any time on Saturday or Sunday. In all cases, notice will be given in the form of a sign at each entrance to all affected parking lots at least two days in advance of the preemption. Information about most preemptions can also be found on the Transportation Services website.

Event parking fees make up approximately 15% of parking revenues, and help keep parking permit fees from increasing faster.

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