Regulations - 3. Student, Faculty & Staff Parking

The University of Kansas maintains various types of parking facilities to meet the needs of faculty, staff, and students. These include regular permit lots, parking garages and metered parking spaces. Some lots are controlled 24 hours per day (see section 9.1).

Owning a parking permit/e-permit does not imply or guarantee a parking space at any particular time and parking privileges may be modified or preempt- ed by the authority of the Chancellor of the university (see section 12). Since parking is limited, faculty, staff, and students should consider their needs carefully when applying for parking privileges. Departments may not purchase parking for any student, staff or faculty.

3.1 Assignment of parking privileges. Faculty and staff shall normally be assigned red, blue, or gold parking permits. The criterion for blue parking is total of age plus service in State of Kansas employment equaling at least 62, and for gold parking is age plus service equaling at least 70. For gold, the applicant’s primary office is in a building located along Jayhawk Boulevard. In FY23, faculty and staff will be upgraded by one zone type for permit eligibility.

Students shall normally be assigned to yellow, or university housing.

Graduate students with a GTA/GRA/GA appointment are eligible for one of the following pairs of red parking lots: 52/91, 34/61, 54/72, and 214/215.

The Parking Commission has the right to alter or revoke parking assignments as the needs of the individual or the university community change. Zones near the campus shall not be assigned to solve problems such as work assignments or tight schedules. Falsification of any information for the purpose of obtaining a parking permit shall result in the forfeiture of all parking permits/e-permits and paid fees.

3.2 Appeal of parking assignment. Individuals who wish to appeal their parking assignments or who need special parking privileges should apply to the Parking Commission.
3.3 New employees of the university may, on presentation of a valid staff ID card, offer letter, or written verification by their department head or supervisor, purchase a parking permit/e-permit with cash, check, credit card, or payroll deduction (see section 8.5). Fees will be prorated throughout the year.

3.4 Temporary employees may, on presentation of written authorization by their department head or supervisor, purchase a temporary yellow or red permit/e-permit for the term of their appointment. Inquiries on this procedure should be directed to Transportation Services.

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