Regulations - Quick Reference

  1. Permits Required for Access and Parking: The University of Kansas requires a university permit to park on the Lawrence campus unless the vehicle has paid for parking in a garage or at a parking meter, or using the ParkMobile app in enabled locations.
  2. The responsibility of finding an authorized space rests with the driver. Parking is on a first come first serve basis, and lack of space, mechanical problems, inclement weather, or other adversities are not considered valid excuses for failure to comply with traffic laws and parking regulations.
  3. Vehicles must fit inside a designated space.
  4. The University is unable to provide “close in” parking for all vehicles. Purchasing a parking permit does not guarantee a parking place.
  5. Permit Eligibility: The following are basic eligibility requirements, not given in full detail1 :
    1. Faculty/Staff are eligible for red, blue, or gold permits, purchased either for surface lots or garages.
    2. Students are eligible for University Housing, Yellow (surface or garage), and Park & Ride permits, based on residence and/or class level.
  6. Permit Restrictions: Purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking place on campus; its issuance merely constitutes authorization to park if a space is available.
  7. Permit Ownership: Ownership of the permit remains with the university and is not transferable. Permit holders are prohibited from lending or otherwise allowing anyone else to use their permit.
  8. Visitors: All visiting, event, and conference attendees must have a permit to park unless parked at a paid parking meter or university parking garage.
  9. Loading Zones: Vehicles may park in a loading zone for up to 30 minutes. Loading permit (from info booth or office) is required during business hours.
  10. Lot/Garage Closures: On occasion, certain parking lots may be closed for university sponsored events. This may result in some inconvenience to employees and students, but does not authorize drivers to violate parking regulations.
  11. Posted Signs, whether permanent or temporary, must be obeyed at all times. Posted signs take precedence over painted curbs, pavement markings, and designations shown on any university map.
  12. Enforcement and Impoundment: Failure to abide by these regulations may result in the issuance of a university ticket, application of an immobilization device, and/or impoundment of a vehicle, and may also be the basis of disciplinary action for students, faculty, or staff.
  13. Appeals of Tickets must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of ticket.
  14. Bicycles, Mopeds, Motor-assisted Bicycles, Scooters, etc must all be operated in accordance with and conform to local, state, and federal regulations.
  15. Pedestrians must obey all traffic control devices. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at marked crosswalks, in intersections, and on sidewalks ex- tending across a service drive, building entrance, or driveway.
  16. Disabled Vehicles: If a vehicle becomes inoperable on campus, it must be reported within an hour to Transportation Services (785-864-PARK) or the Office of Public Safety (785-864-5900). Vehicle must be moved within 24 hours and must not create any obstruction or hazard.

1See section 3 for full details regarding permit eligibility.

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