Regulations - 7. Parking Permits

Parking permits may be either physical permits or “e- permits” connected to the license plate(s) registered on parking assignee’s parking account. Permit enforcement shall be done primarily using license plate recognition software (LPR). Parking is color coded by zones or to particular lots.

Permit owners are responsible for updating their vehicle information if they get a different vehicle, different license plate number, or temporarily drive a different vehicle to campus. License plate must be correct. Just one number or letter being incorrect or out of order could result in tickets and towing. Do not include any spaces or symbols.

Only parking permits issued or authorized by KU Transportation Services are valid and will be honored. Handwritten notes left on a vehicle, etc., will not be honored by enforcement personnel.

7.1 Parking assignees may purchase only one permit per person, per academic year. Permits are not valid if not displayed, or if license plate is not visible from the nearest driving lane or was registered incorrectly. Upon payment of the scheduled fee, parking assignees must register their license plate(s) for e-permits. During times when the lots are being controlled, a parking permit or e-permit entitles the vehicle to park only in zones or lots designated by the permit with the exceptions noted in these regulations.

Ownership and use of parking permits are not transferable to any other person. Permits are not to be resold. No person may have on their account any vehicle which belongs to any other student, faculty, or staff member. Faculty and staff whose dependents are students may email KU Parking to request a waiver for extenuating circumstances.

Any person giving false information when registering a vehicle is subject to appropriate disciplinary action and revocation of their parking permit/e-permit and related parking privileges.

Faculty and staff who share a vehicle where one is employed at the university and the other at the medical center must register at each campus if they intend to park at both campuses. However, students may not use staff parking.
7.2 Annual parking permits expire July 31. Parking must be renewed by August 1 (staff) or first day of classes (students) in order to avoid receiving parking tickets.

7.3 Permit for alternate/temporary vehicle. If the primary registered vehicle is out of service, owner must register license plate of the alternate vehicle within one hour of parking. If more than one registered vehicle is on campus at the same time without a visitor permit or paid meter/garage toll/ pay by spacezone, a ticket will be issued to the second vehicle (in order of being scanned by LPR system).

7.4 Sold or traded vehicles. When selling or trading a vehicle, the license plate must be deactivated and the new vehicle added to the system. If a new license plate is issued, it must be registered before it will be valid with existing e-permits.

7.5 Revocation of parking privileges. Transportation Services has a no tolerance policy on cheating. If you forge, alter, or steal any form of parking authorization, or use or display a permit that you have not purchased from the department, your parking privileges will be revoked for one year, and a letter requesting disciplinary action will be sent to the Vice Provost for Student Success or Human Resource Management.

7.6 All parking spaces are allocated to a specific user group and parking permits are available for each category of user. The vehicle operator must park only in those spaces or areas allocated and designated for the type of permit issued to their vehicle.

7.7 When parked, the entire motor vehicle must be within the boundaries of the single parking space used. The fact that other motor vehicles may have parked improperly does not constitute an excuse for parking any part of your own vehicle outside the space boundaries.

7.8 Classes of permits/e-permits. Subject to modification, the parking permit classifications and parking privileges are shown below. Permits are not valid in loading areas, reserved stalls, metered areas, accessible or limited mobility spaces without accompanying ADA placard, and fire lanes.

BOARD OF REGENTS: Valid in all color zones. Issued by Board of Regents.

RETIREE: Valid in all Gold, Blue, Red, and Yellow lots. Not valid in any University Housing zone. A retiree ID card must be presented to obtain Retiree permit, subject to verification of not having returned to active employment status. Retirees may obtain a permit for lot 302 free of charge.

GOLD: Valid in all Gold, Blue, Red, Yellow, and University Housing lots, except Alumni Place.

BLUE: Valid in all Blue, Red, Yellow, and University Housing lots, except Alumni Place.
RED: Valid in all Red, Yellow, and University Housing lots, except Alumni Place.

STAFF YELLOW: Valid in all Yellow zones.

STUDENT YELLOW. Valid in all Yellow zones.

STAFF CARPOOL: Two or more faculty or staff may form a carpool. Eligible for highest color zone eligibility of members. Detailed information and application form.

STUDENT CARPOOL: Two or more students may form a carpool with other students. Valid in either lot 52 or 61, and in Yellow and Park & Ride zones. A
limited number will be available. Detailed information and application form.

ALLEN FIELDHOUSE GARAGE: Issued on annual basis only.  Not valid for parking during home basketball games. Not valid in lots 6, 7, 8, 17, 35, 41, 54, 70, 71, 72, 125, 127, 129, or the Mississippi Street or Central District garages (see section 11.2). Subject to waitlisting.

CENTRAL DISTRICT GARAGE:  Not valid for parking during home basketball games. Garage permits not valid in lots 6, 7, 20, 31, 41, 54, 70, 71, 72, 93, 112, 113, 114, 116, 119, 125, 127, and 129, or the Mississippi Street or Allen Fieldhouse garages (see section 11.2). May be subject to waitlisting.

MISSISSIPPI STREET GARAGE:  Not valid for parking during home football games and other special events. Not valid in lots 16, 39, 53, 91, 92, 94, or the Allen Fieldhouse or Central District garages (see section 11.2). May be subject to waitlisting.

EVENING ONLY: Valid only in the parking garage for which it was purchased after 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and 24 hours on weekends, except during posted event restrictions. Must be purchased in office.

SERVICE: Valid in all color zones and service vehicle stalls. Issued to non-university persons conducting university business or services, or to construction companies working on campus. Service permits are not valid for university students, staff, or faculty. Any misuse of this permit will result in loss of parking privileges.

TEMPORARY: Valid in zone specified. Issued upon justification by the applicant for parking on specific days of the week at specific times (for a maximum of five hours per week). Also issued for short-term parking (not a substitute for a regular semester parking permit), to gain access to parking for a period from one to six weeks. Available to faculty, staff and students.

OCCASIONAL DAILY PARKING: Students, staff, or faculty members who do not own a valid parking permit may purchase daily permits for the color zone in which they are eligible to park. Limited to 30 daily permits per year, and expire on July 31 each year. [Limit temporarily suspended for FY22.]

CHILDCARE LOAD: Valid for 20 minutes in designated loading zone, for loading and unloading children at campus child care centers, Haworth, Dole, Hilltop, etc. Issued through each respective childcare program.

MEDICAL: Valid in zone specified. Issued for type of parking authorization most commensurate with individual parking needs for duration of time
recommended by physician. Not valid in accessible or limited mobility stalls, metered spaces, or reserved spaces. Paperwork for this permit must be resubmitted for each permit requested. Any falsification of information on the above-mentioned materials will result in termination of parking privileges. See more information.

Faculty, staff, or students who require parking privileges because of health problems should contact Transportation Services in writing by email for specific information about obtaining this permit. If medical conditions exist for more than six weeks, it is recommended that steps be taken to acquire an accessible placard from the state.

DEPARTMENTAL PASS: Provides university employees access to restricted areas for conduct of employment-related business. For occasional, short-term use only. Pass is not to be used for parking to attend class, drive-through only, for long-term parking while at one’s regular job station, or for any personal (not employment-related) reason. Abuse of the intended purposes of the pass will result in revocation of both individual and departmental parking privileges.
Departmental pass must be taken to a traffic control booth or the Transportation Services office in order to receive one courtesy pass, valid up to three hours, and must be accompanied by a valid KU parking permit/e-permit. Full price to replace if lost or stolen.
STATE VEHICLE: Any state vehicle parked in a color zone parking lot is required to have a registered license plate with a valid parking permit/e-permit for that lot. University departments may purchase parking permits for state vehicles for gold, blue, red or yellow zones. State vehicles are required to pay at meters. State vehicles may park free in lot 302.

LOADING ZONE: Loading zone passes valid for 20 minutes are issued from the traffic control booths for quick loading/unloading tasks. These permits are valid in marked loading zones.

MOTORCYCLE/MOPED: Valid only in designated motorcycle/moped parking spaces. Mopeds may not be parked in any building, entrance-way to any building, on sidewalks, lawns, or in bicycle racks, and shall be issued a ticket and removed from the area. At no time shall a motorcycle or moped be operated on sidewalks or lawns on campus.

Motorcycles and mopeds must park in designated motorcycle/moped spaces unless meter fee has been paid. Motorcycles and mopeds may not park in Allen Fieldhouse or Mississippi Street garages. “Cycle Red” permits/e-permits are issued to students and do not have access to central campus. “Cycle Blue” permits/e-permits are available to faculty/staff only, and do have access to central campus. A license plate is required to park on campus and purchase a permit. Three-wheeled motorcycles that take up a full car parking space must purchase a car permit.

UNIVERSITY HOUSING: The following permits/e- permits are each valid in any of the lots specified for all Housing permit types, except Scholarship Hall (AP) parking zones during fall and spring semesters, except for marked red zones. Valid in yellow zones during summer semester.

Student must reside in residence hall to be eligible. Sales are limited, may be subject to wait-listing; alternate parking offered in Park & Ride.

DH (DAISY HILL): Valid in lots 101, 103, 104, 105, and 300E-G, and in all other GC, JT, and CH lots. Serves Ellsworth, Hashinger, Lewis, Oswald, Self, and Templin halls.

GC (GSP/CORBIN): Valid in lots 94 and 111, and in all other DH, JT, and CH lots.

JT (JAYHAWKER TOWERS): Valid in lots 72, 109, and 110, and in all other DH, GC, and CH lots.

CH (CENTRAL HOUSING): Valid in lots 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 119, and 130, and in all other DH, GC, and JT lots. Serves Downs and McCarthy halls, and Stouffer Place Apartments.

SUNFLOWER APARTMENTS: Valid in lot 128. Only available in the office upon presentation of document verifying residence in Sunflower Apartments.

SCHOLARSHIP HALLS. AP (ALUMNI PLACE): Valid in lots 100, 107, 121, 122, and 124, and all University Housing lots listed above. Serves Margaret and K.K. Amini, Battenfeld, Douthart, Grace Pearson, Krehbiel, Miller, Pearson, Rieger, Sellards, Stephenson, and Watkins scholarship halls. No guest parking. Residents of scholarship halls are eligible to purchase Mississippi Street Parking Garage permit.

RECREATION CENTER: Valid for up to two hours in lot 90, together with any University Housing permit/e-permit (listed above). Obtain by checking in at Ambler Student Recreation Fitness Center.

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